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Nordic Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry 2018

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8 June 2018
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The 9th Nordic Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry will take place on June 10 -13 in Loen, Norway.  

Postnova and Norlab will be sponsoring the conference and participating in the exhibition, which will be open throughout the meeting. Michel Palu (Norlab, distributor of Postnova in the Nordic countries) will be attenting the Nordic Plasma meeting. Michel will be pleased to discuss with you about the Postnova FFF Platform, the ultimate tool for the separation, characterization and fractionation of nanostructures.

Postnova FFF Platform for nanostructures separation, characterization and fractionation

  • Flow FFF for separation of nearly all nanoparticles
  • Centrifugal FFF for high resolution separation
  • Electrical FFF for particle charge and zeta potential
  • Light scattering for size
  • Trace analysis with ICP‐MS
  • Collection of narrow fractions for further characterization

Can Field-Flow Fractionation coupled with ICP/MS be used for trace level analysis? Come and see on the Postnova booth the poster we have prepared on this topic!

Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation for Trace Level Analysis of Engineered Silver Nanomaterials in River Water
Michel Palu, Florian Meier, Roland Drexel, Thorsten Klein

Due to the lack of powerful and appropriate analytical tools, the fate and behavior of engineered silver nanomaterials (AgNM) in the environment is still widely unexplored. Up to now, quantitative data are first and foremost derived from computational modeling studies. We present the application of Asymetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (AF4) for the quantification of AgNM in river water. By taking advantage of Slot-Outlet, High-Volume-Injection and hyphenation with ICP-MS, limits of quantification in river water down to 14 ± 4 ng/L could be achieved.