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Short seminar and demo on physical stability analysis of liquid dispersions

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17 July 2019
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Book your own seminar and demo, and learn how TURBISCAN can help you accelerate and document aging tests!

Formulaction (Toulouse, France) has appointed Norlab as its official distributor in the Nordic region. Formulaction offers unique solutions for dispersions characterization. Their TURBISCAN is the reference technology for fast physical stability determination and shelf life studies. It is used world-wide to detect, at an early stage, all kinds of destabilisations such as coalescence, flocculation, creaming, sedimentation. Products such as emulsions, suspensions, foams, etc, can be studied without dilution or sample preparation. TURBISCAN has numerous applications in the pharmaceuticals, home & personal care, food, pain & ink, oil & petroleum and electronics industry.   

Norlab will be touring Denmark, Norway and Sweden in November and December 2019, providing free seminars on the advantages of TURBISCAN for formulations stability analysis. If you are interested in arranging a short seminar, and possibly a demo, at your site, please let us know. We would be delighted to come and meet with your group. 

Please contact Sari Oino ( who will be happy to coordinate the date and time.