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Norlab private webinars on submicro- and nanoplastics analysis

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Book your own live webinar and learn how the Postnova Field-Flow Fractionation platform can provide the information that is most essentially needed when analyzing complex mixtures of different types of submicro- and nanoplastics.

Norlab is the official distributor in the Nordic region of Postnova (Landsberg, Germany). Postnova offers unique solutions for nanoparticles separation and characterization. Their toolbox for submicro- and nanoplastics analysis provides:

  • high resolution separation by size, density or chemical composition 
  • online, simultaneous and high sensitivity determination of concentration, size (with Static Light Scattering), and surface charge (Zeta Potential), as well as online chemical identification (with Raman Microscopy)

The Postnova strategy for submicro- and nanoplastics analysis

The webinar will be conducted by Michel Palu, Field-Flow Fractionation Specialist, Norlab. 

Webinar type: live private webinar
Date: on demand
The presentation portion of the webinar will last about 45 minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of questions and answers.
The webinar is free of charge.

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