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Virtual worshop on innovative characterization of milk coagulation

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17 February 2022
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Are you working in the dairy industry?

Formulaction offers many possibilities to improve your dairy product manufacturing and development processes. With Rheolaser MASTER rheological properties, including viscoelasticity changes and sol-gel transition can be monitored. For example, milk gelation processes during yogurt or cheese manufacturing can be easily characterized. The technology based on diffusing wave spectroscopy (MS-DWS) offers high sensitivity to the structural changes without contact and heavy sample handling.

Do you want to learn more about Rheolaser MASTER and its possibilities for the dairy industry? Attend the upcoming webinar on the 1st of March at 16:00-18:00 CET time hosted by Formulaction product line manager Roland Ramsch. During the webinar, multiple researchers from the dairy field will also present their work, results, and experiences. Register here

To find out more about the possibilities we offer for the food and dairy industry, please click here or contact us!