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VOCs in air

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Application notes

Using the TRIDION GC-MS for air monitoring
The Torion TRIDION can be used to perform air monitoring for hazardous volatile compounds in a variety of environments.

Date of creation: 
6 October 2015
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When Torion say portable, they mean portable
The Torion TRIDION-9 GC-TMS 
is the world’s most portable GC-MS

The system is totally self-contained, weighs less than 15 kg, is both battery and line power operable, and has an on-board helium GC carrier gas cartridge.
Date of creation: 
21 September 2015
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The CUSTODION SPME syringes are a series of novel solid phase micro extraction (SPME) based sample collection and injection devices.
Date of creation: 
16 September 2015
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The truly person-portable GC-MS company
Torion Technologies is the world's leader in field portable, miniaturized GC-MS devices for field detection of chemical threats, toxicants, contaminants and pollutants.