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Nanobase solutions for Raman spectroscopy research in materials science

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Raman and Raman microscopy
Raman is a versatile and non-destructive analytical technique, and has a wide area of applications.

Application notes

Raman and phase shifting interferometry study of tear/fold structure on transferred graphene
In this application, Nanobase observed the folded parts on a bilayer graphene sample with raman spectroscopy system - XPER RAM S series, and phase shifting interferometer (PSI) - XPER-PSI.


Nanobase Raman spectroscopy instrument
Nanobase is a renowned manufacturer of high-end Raman spectroscopy imaging instruments with its own manufacturing and developing competence. With their super performing spectrometer and the streamlined NanoSpectrum software suite, their space and time saving Raman systems do not only offer multi-functional analysis tools, but also a wide variety of flexibility that enables extension of their system for further key features.