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Alpha MOS HERACLES flash gas chromatography electronic nose

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Alpha MOS
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17 October 2015
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> Food and beverages
> Plastic and packaging
> Pharmaceutical
> Personal care products
> Petrochemical and chemical
> Environment

Fast sensory profiling and detailed aroma characterization

The HERACLES II is the most powerful and flexible electronic nose. This all-in-one instrument, both electronic nose and ultra fast gas chromatograph, performs overall odor profiling and chemical composition analysis in one run. It achieves:

  • Aroma profiling and characterization correlated to sensory analysis*
  • Chemical compounds separation. identification and quantification following GC accepted principles

What can the HERACLES II Odor Analyzer do for you?

  • Conformity and quality control
  • Batch to batch consistency testing
  • Off-odor investigation
  • Process optimization and monitoring
  • Shelf-life and stability follow-up
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Candidate formulations screening
  • Correlation with sensory panel analysis

Unsurpassed performance

  • Fast analysis without compromising on resolution: cycle time is typically 5 minutes
  • High sensitivity: low picogram range
  • Excellent repeatability: relative standard deviation better than 0.3% on retention time and 3% on peak area
  • Powerful and user-friendly software
  • Unique functionalities: multivariate statistical package for simplified data analysis and graphical tools for fast comparison of entire aroma profiles
  • Customizable data processing tools: qualitative models for products comparisons based on quality, origin, supplier, batch; quality control charts for product conformity checking; quantitative models for the prediction of flavour /odour intensity, chemical concentration or odor unit; shelf life models for aging profiles and follow-up of stability
  • Arochembase: Kovats indices library featuring chemical characterization with sensory features display, more than 387 000 entries and 83 000 compounds available, sorted by application area or chemical family, link with NIST database included, ability to enrich the database by adding your own data