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Instrumental sensory analysis of coffee


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Assessing coffee quality with Alpha MOS e-nose and e-tongue

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Norlab newsletter, which is dedicated to the instrumental sensory analysis of coffee.

The Alpha MOS analytical instruments for sensory analysis of odor and taste are very useful tools to easily and rapidly assess the quality of raw materials and help maintaining high quality and consistent production of coffee products.

Alpha MOS wiil be touring the Nordic countries in March, providing free seminars for the food & beverage industry on the advantages of electronic noses and tongues. If you are interested in arranging a short in-house seminar at your site, please let us know. We would be delighted to come and meet with your group. Details can be found below under the heading "Book your own e-nose and e-tongue seminar".   

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Michel Palu, Editor

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Book your own e-nose and e-tongue seminar!

If you are interested in arranging a short in-house seminar at your site, please contact Sari Oino ( who will be happy to coordinate the date and time. Seminars can be arranged from Monday afternoon, 29 February to Friday morning, 4 March 2016.

We would suggest either an info-talk (about 60 minutes) or a short seminar with a more detailed presentation of the e-sensing analyzers and their applications in your field of interest, as well as more time for questions and discussions (90 to 120 minutes).   

Monitoring quality of coffee supplies with an electronic nose

The Alpha MOS HERACLES Electronic Nose can be successfully employed to control the quality of coffee samples and detect aged products. HERACLES is a very powerful tool to rapidly assess the sensory quality of coffee batches upon receipt and to select suppliers.

Determination of the bitterness of coffee preparations with the Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue

Bitterness is a major parameter of coffee taste. Simplicity of sample preparation and analysis makes the Alpha MOS ASTREE a convenient tool to determine the bitterness level of  coffee preparations.

Competitive benchmarking and development of new coffee products with e-tongue

The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue system offers higher speed of analysis than traditional techniques, thanks to its global analysis of products, and helps manufacturers speed up competitive benchmarking and new product development process. This study describes some examples of the possibilities offered by the Alpha MOS Electronic Tongue.