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Norlab appointed as DataPhysics' exclusive distributor in the Nordic countries

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2 January 2024
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DataPhysics Instruments (Filderstadt, Germany) has established a worldwide reputation for the provision of high quality and innovative measurement equipment within the field of surface and interfacial science. With more than 2500 installations across a diverse range of laboratories, DataPhysics Instruments is regarded as a reliable and professional partner, providing specialised products and individual advice. And the customer base continues to grow, year on year.

Founded in 1997, DataPhysics introduced the first optical contact angle measuring instrument at Analytica in 1998 – a major success! In the years that have followed the product range has widened with the addition of techniques such as tensiometry, spinning drop tensiometry and dispersion stability analysis. The last addition to the product range is the Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20 which uses the patented bidirectional oscillating streaming potential analysis to measure the zeta potential of fibres, powders and plate shaped solid materials. This has established DataPhysics Instruments as a single source provider for measuring devices used in the analysis of surface and interfacial properties. A continuously growing range of instrument accessories, together with the availability of the company’s application laboratory and training centre, provide for the “complete package” when addressing the challenges that interfacial interactions provide.

The addition of DataPhysics' range of surface and interface analyzers will greatly enhance our ability to provide solutions for the characterization of a wide range of materials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Simon Sørensen (, Product Line Manager, Materials Characterization, Norlab Copenhagen branch office.