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DataPhysics MultiScan dispersion stability analysis system

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Analysis of the transmission and backscattering behaviour
Time- and space-resolved measurement of transmission and backscattering are used​ for dispersion stability analysis.

Application notes

Stability analysis of latex emulsions with ultra-slow sedimentation rate using MS 20 stability analysis system
Using the DataPhysics MS 20 stability analysis system and its corresponding MSC software, it was possible to study the stability of different latex formulations.

Studying the stability and kinetics of fast-breaking foam using face cleansing foam with the MultiScan MS 20
Date of creation: 
6 January 2024
Library code: 
Studying the gelation process during yogurt formation at different temperatures using MultiScan (MS 20)
Date of creation: 
15 January 2024
Library code: 
Determination of heavy fuel oil stability and compatibility with DataPhysics MS 20 according to ASTM D7061
Date of creation: 
15 January 2024
Library code: 

DataPhysics MultiScan MS 20 dispersion stability analysis system
The MultiScan MS 20 is the measuring device for the automatic optical dispersion stability analysis. It is fast, sensitive, non-destructive and can measure samples in their original concentration and under realistic storage conditions.