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Surface energy of solids

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Optical contact angle measurement
The optical analysis of drops that hang from a dosing needle or are placed on a solid surface facilitates the determination of different surface and interfacial parameters. The contact angle that a liquid drop establishes on a solid surface characterises the solid’s wetting behaviour with said liquid.

Application notes

Surface energy determination on thin wires using picolitre drops
The surface energies of a tinned and a pure copper wire were determined measuring contact angles with various liquids using the DataPhysics optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis system OCA 200 in combination with the picolitre dosing system PDDS.

One-click surface energy determination with DataPhysics pressure-based double dosing system DDS-P for the OCA series
Date of creation: 
2 January 2024
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Surface energy analysis for the verification of treatment effects on different polymer substrates
Date of creation: 
2 January 2024
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DataPhysics OCA product series
The optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems of the OCA series combine high resolution optics, exact liquid dosing and precise sample positioning into powerful and reliable measuring systems.