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DataPhysics solutions for the determination of the zeta potential of macroscopic solid samples

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Bidirectional oscillating streaming potential method
DataPhysics patented a measuring technique that uses an oscillatory flow of electrolyte solution through or along the sample. The streaming potential and the currently applied pressure are measured simultaneously together with the temperature, conductivity and pH value of the electrolyte solution. Through the wide range of applicable flow frequencies and amplitudes a fast and precise measurement is possible.

Application notes

Measuring the surface potential and isoelectric point of polyester fibres with a zeta potential analyzer
In this application note, the ZPA 20 is used to study the electrical properties and functional groups at the surface of polyester fibres.

Measuring the surface potential and isoelectric point of glass fibres with a zeta potential analyzer
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2 January 2024
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DataPhysics ZPA 20 zeta potential analyzer
The zeta potential analyzer ZPA 20 is a compact measuring instrument that utilises the patented bidirectional oscillating streaming potential method. It is designed to measure the zeta potential of various macroscopic solid samples with the highest accuracy and within the shortest time.