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DataPhysics optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems

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Optical contact angle measurement
The optical analysis of drops that hang from a dosing needle or are placed on a solid surface facilitates the determination of different surface and interfacial parameters. The contact angle that a liquid drop establishes on a solid surface characterises the solid’s wetting behaviour with said liquid.

Application notes

How to impart switchable wettability and adhesion on elastomer films (DataPhysics DCAT and OCA series)
This work provides a novel approach for achieving switchable wettability from Cassie state to Wenzel state and adjustable adhesion on elastomer films via altering the micro/nanostructured clusters distance on the surfaces. By applying an additional electrical field, the droplet motion states on the superhydrophobic elastomer surface could be dynamically controlled without any loss and contamination.

Measuring contact angles and absorption processes on wettable and non-wettable powders using optical contact angle and contour analysis
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2 January 2024
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DataPhysics OCA product series
The optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems of the OCA series combine high resolution optics, exact liquid dosing and precise sample positioning into powerful and reliable measuring systems.