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Dynamic contact angle measurement
The contact angle is a parameter used to analyse the wetting behaviour of a liquid on a solid surface. The static contact angle describes the state in equilibrium. Dynamic contact angles describe a drop of liquid that is in motion. For example, this means measuring while a drop rolls off a tilted solid surface.

Application notes

Quantifying droplet/bubble adhesion to a solid surface in air/under liquid using DataPhysics DCAT and OCA systems
The authors designed omniphobic anisotropic covalently grafted slippery surfaces (AGSs) with highly superior stability by grafting liquid-like PDMS molecular brushes on PDMS. The AGSs presented an excellent stability for the directional transportation of droplets and air bubbles dramatically outperforming the traditional SLIPSs.

How surface tension and adhesive force measurements can help to improve the mechanical properties of basalt fibers (DataPhysics DCAT series)
Date of creation: 
21 February 2024
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How to impart switchable wettability and adhesion on elastomer films (DataPhysics DCAT and OCA series)
Date of creation: 
21 February 2024
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DataPhysics DCAT product series
The dynamic contact angle measuring devices and tensiometer of the DCAT series are universal measuring devices, that allow to investigate numerous surface and interfacial properties.