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Surface and interfacial tension of liquids

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Dynamic contact angle measurement
The contact angle is a parameter used to analyse the wetting behaviour of a liquid on a solid surface. The static contact angle describes the state in equilibrium. Dynamic contact angles describe a drop of liquid that is in motion. For example, this means measuring while a drop rolls off a tilted solid surface.

Application notes

Measuring the surface tension of different molten granules using DataPhysics DCAT series
The tensiometer of the DCAT series with an electrical temperature control unit from DataPhysics Instruments is able to fast and easily determine the surface tension of molten granules in a temperature range of 80-150°C.

Measuring interfacial tension of insulating liquids against water using the Du Noüy ring method according to ASTM D971
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6 January 2024
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DataPhysics DCAT product series
The dynamic contact angle measuring devices and tensiometer of the DCAT series are universal measuring devices, that allow to investigate numerous surface and interfacial properties.