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Interfacial rheology
With interfacial rheology the viscoelastic behavior and stress relaxation of an interface can be characterized. If there are interfacially active components (surfactants, polymers, nanoparticles...) present, they make this more complex. These compounds adsorb and form a layer at the interface. When the available interfacial area changes, the interfacially active components react to the deflexion out of the equilibrium state.

Application notes

Determination of low interfacial tensions with the DataPhysics spinning drop video tensiometer
By using the DataPhysics spinning drop tensiometer, the low interfacial tension between surfactant and oil can be determined easily and reliably. The SVT technique provides a fast and efficient way to determine low interfacial tension between liquids with a high reproducibility.

Evaluating the efficiency of surfactants by dynamic interfacial tension measurements of brine and crude oil
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2 January 2024
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DataPhysics SVT 25 spinning drop video tensiometer for measuring low to ultra-low interfacial tensions
The spinning drop video tensiometer SVT 25 is a compact optical measuring instrument for the determination of low to ultra-low interfacial tensions and rheological interface properties.