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DataPhysics SVT 25 spinning drop video tensiometer for measuring low to ultra-low interfacial tensions

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2 January 2024
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Spinning drop tensiometer

The DataPhysics spinning drop video tensiometer SVT 25 is a compact optical measuring instrument for the determination of low to ultra-low interfacial tensions and rheological interface properties.

Highest precision and reproducibility of the measuring results is guaranteed by a well-established measuring technique and first grade mechanical and optical components. Due to state of the art electronic components the SVT 25 can be operated intuitively via the TP 50 control panel.


  • Measurement of low to ultra-low interfacial tensions based on the contour of spinning drops
  • Highly dynamic measurement drive with 0 … 20000 rev/min
  • Oscillation measurements with oscillation periods of 0.5 s …∞ and max. acceleration of 500 rev/s2
  • Motorized tilting table
  • Fast 6.5-fold zoom lens with integrated continuous fine focus
  • Motorized movable optics for automatically following moving drops
  • High-performance camera with USB 3 interface, 2/3″ sensor, max. 2048 x 1088 pixel, max. 3250 frames/s
  • Precise, fast and easy to use capillary exchange system
  • LED-lighting with strobe function and adjustable slit diaphragm
  • Temperature-controlled measusing cells for temperatures ranging from -30 °C to 180 °C
  • Special capillary for measuring water-based solutions at up to 130 °C
  • Automatic calibration function for correcting optical distortions caused by the capillaries (cylindrical lens effects)
  • TP 50 control panel with touch screen and precision control wheel